HONE is not the type of companies that would do anything from Wordpress to C++, nor we would blindly root for this one thing that rules them all.

We stick to fewer technologies for the sake of having narrow expertise, yet we still pick technologies on per use case basis. Learn about some of our favorite tools:

Ruby tech


Ruby brings programmers joy and a solid foundation for a significant number of use cases. That's why it's our general go to language and we love it. We use Ruby along with frameworks like Rails and Sinatra to rapidly build MVPs and dedicated microservices.


Elixir is an awesome functional language that brings concurrency and productivity to the modern software development. We leverage Elixir and the Phoenix framework for building high velocity, high-performance APIs and services.

Elixir tech
Aws tech


AWS offers a great set of integrated tools that allow us to build highly scalable, high-availability infrastructures. Some of our favorite services are EB, ECS, SQS, CodePipeline, Redshift.

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