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Quick iterations and progressive enhancement

Small teams

We work in small, dedicated teams, that are 100% commited to a single project at any given time.

A typical project team would consist of a Product Manager, working closely together with you on identifying problems and planning solutions and a team of 2 to 4 developers implementing these solutions.

Software team

Quick iterations

Our process is based on small, productive iterations of learning, prototyping and development that quickly deliver business value.

Project management

We manage projects using a lean, Kanban-based process that promotes quality, continuous improvement and delivering value (instead chasing arbitrary deadlines Scrum style).


Multiple production deployments each and everyday is the only sane status quo for us. This allows us to constantly deliver value and be in control of the system. We use automation tools like CircleCI and AWS CodePipeline for Continous Integration and Deployment.

Software for scale

A software system can be a significant financial investment and that's something we are very awere of. Building applications, our goal is to deliver a company assets that will help your business on the long run and be flexible enough to adjust to changing requirements.

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